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Motorcycle Gloves and Grips

Motorcycling is a very affordable means of individual motorized transportation. In certain cultures, it is even a leisure activity and sport. If you’re looking for a new bike there is a great resource listing many awesome builders. Check it out: http://thompsonreid.com/pages/cafe-racer-for-sale The bare nature of motorcycles compared to the speeds they can attain however, makes this form of sport, a thrill with some dangers. And, while vast majority of motorcyclists appreciate the protective nature of their helmets, boots, jacket and pants, a lot many overlook the value of motorcycle gloves and grips. This is unfortunate considering that hands and fingers are just as vulnerable. In fact, your outstretched fingers often make the first contact with the ground in case of an accident. It’s important to have high quality durable gloves like the pair you can find here:


Grips and Gloves

Grips give you a better control and should be comfortable, an essential quality especially if you plan to ride over a long distance. There is a great diversity of both gloves and grips, and these qualities should help you choose the most appropriate items for your riding pleasure.

Motorcycle gloves

Well-fitting with a gauntlet feel – Good gloves fit snuggly without feeling either loose or tight. They also should not bunch nor present pressure points. They should extend about 2 inches above your wrist to protect your skin. This is especially important in cold weather.

Abrasions resistant with a wrist strap – While riding, even minor tumbles are dangerous and can send you down the hard surface of the road. As such, get gloves that have securely attached generous padding so they can withstand road friction. Do also ensure that they have straps that secure the gloves tightly on your hands once you have them on.

Dexterity and ventilation – Regardless of the gloves you choose, they should give you the freedom to move your hands about and perform tasks such as opening and closing the visor comfortably. They should also have adequate ventilation that allows airflow especially on hot days.

Waterproof – Ideal gloves should be waterproof. Such are however hard to come by unless you are willing to dig deeper into your pockets.


Appropriate for the prevailing riding condition – Rubber or soft foam grips are great if you plan to do a good deal of off-road riding. This is so because off-road motorcycling especially during hot summer induces a lot of sweat. Your grips should thus be able to absorb this sweat. Riders who want to do extensive highway tours on the other hand, are better off with grips that facilitate air circulation.

Easy to pull off and replace – Riding conditions vary with seasons. Such variance calls for different kinds of grips as seen above. Your grips as such should be dexterous enough so they are easy to exchange but firm once inserted so they do not come off easily, especially while you are riding.

Mirrors the shapes of the handlebars – Handlebars are available in various shapes. Your grips can only serve you well if they fit well with your handlebars. There are many grips in the market with basic shapes; such are adequate for occasional riding. Motorcyclists who plan on intense riding sessions should however look for hybrid-shaped or soft rubber grips that ergonomic and provide better comfort and control.

Reasonably priced – There is a wide variety of motorcycle grips available. These grips cost anywhere between a few dollars and hundreds of dollars. You can save by conducting elaborate research before you head out to shop. This might help you get good grips without necessarily becoming broke thereafter.

Aside from cushioning impact, gloves also keep your hands dry and prevent calluses and blisters. Grips on the other hand, enhance control and comfort. Because they are very important, do check out these qualities when next shopping for motorcycle gloves and grips.

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